Gillian Slessor


I received an MA (2006) and PhD (2009) in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen. After completing my PhD, I was appointed to a Sixth Century Fellowship also at the University of Aberdeen. My research investigates social cognitive processes such as emotion perception, gaze processing and deception detection. I am particularly interested in exploring how these abilities change in healthy aging and patient groups such as individuals with dementia. From August 2011 I worked as a research fellow on an ESRC-funded project investigating the formation and transmission of stereotypes. I am currently taking a career break.


2013-2016: Ageing, trust, and financial exploitation: social, emotional and cognitive mechanisms. Australian Research Council. AUS$420,000.

2012 – 2013. Are age-related differences in gaze following due to problems with strategic control of visual attention? Experimental Psychology Society. £2500.

2011 – 2012. Dementia and the ability to detect deception. Alzheimers Research Trust. £1750.

2010 – 2011. Susceptibility to financial exploitation in old age: links to deception detection. Nuffield Foundation Social Science Small Grant. £7020.

2010 – 2011. Improving older adults’ ability to detect deception. R.M. Gibson Scientific Research Grant. AUS$4300.



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