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I obtained a BSc in Psychology from Aberdeen University in 1999, and completed a PhD in social cognition in the same department in 2004. I remained at Aberdeen as an ERC-funded Research Fellow, exploring self-referential memory biases in adults and children, before joining the University of Abertay in 2011 as a Lecturer in Psychology.

My research interests lie in social cognition, exploring the mechanisms and biases through which we process information about ourselves and other people.

Particular areas of interest include:
• self-reference effects in memory
• the early development of self-processing biases, and implications for learning and education
• the impact of ownership on cognition
• the effects of stereotypes on cognition and behaviour
• person perception across the lifespan

    2015-2018: The 'me' in memory: Exploring the developing self and its influence on cognition. Leverhulme Trust. £106,336.

In Press

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